Tootsie Rolls

Gold sprinkles or sanding sugar

Airheads Rainbow Belts 

Frost a batch of cupcakes with your favorite buttercream, or just use the frosting from the jar from the grocery store. To create a cloud-like effect,  pipe using a medium sized open tip Gently squeeze the piping bag to make a round dollop on the cupcake. Without lifting the bag up completely, shift the piping bag over and continue making dollops, so that they join together to make a puffy cloud.

Cut a rainbow belt in half and gently insert both sides into the cupcake.

To make the pot of gold, do the following on waxed paper: Cut a tootsie roll in half. Use a paring knife or a toothpick and carve out some of the center of one side. Shape the tootsie roll if you need to. Add the sprinkles to the tootsie roll pot before placing on the cupcake, otherwise you may end up with loose sprinkles on the white clouds. Important note… Do not add the tootsie rolls the night before. 

more at http://www.grinandbakeit.com


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