ChineseFor an appetizer order soups or steamed dumplings.For entrees, many menus offer steamed options that are loaded with healthy veggies and lean protein.  If not, ask if they’ll make you a steamed vegetable platter to mix with your favorite dish (and go light on the sauce). Always ask for brown rice rather than white.

PizzaThin crust is better than regular pizza.  When ordering toppings, always go for onions, broccoli, or spinach.  Forget about the heavy meats like pepperoni and meatball.

TaiFor Appetizers try a green papaya salad, chicken satay skewers, or a veggie filled summer roll wrapped in rice paper.  As for your entree, try ordering fish and veggie based stir fries-nothing fried.

Sushi: For an appetizer start with edameme beans and miso soup.  As for you entree, avoid rolls with tempura as for they are fried.  when it comes to toppings, forget about the spicy mayo.  Also, stick with avocados, veggies, and fish combination rolls.

MexicanYou can’t beat fajitas. They’re full of vitamin C-rich peppers and lean grilled meats. Plus, they’re not fried. Garnish with healthy-fat guacamole and spicy salsa, and go easy on the sour cream and cheese to keep fat and cholesterol in check.  If you’ve got a burrito on the brain ask them to go light on the rice and cheese, heavier on the beans and veggies. Many places also let you skip the tortilla altogether, and get your dish as a “bowl” on top of shredded lettuce.

Italian: For an appetizer try having soup such as minestrone. For your entree, skip cheese-filled pastas. The same goes for fried, cheese-topped dishes like chicken parmigiana. Try chicken marsala, shrimp in white wine sauce, or a non-cream-based fish dish. If your meal comes with a side of pasta try substituting it for a salad or veggies.     

Bar: Try order children sized portions and skip the french fries.  If you really want wings, order them, order extra carrots and celery to fill up on so you don’t eat all of your wings.


more healthy eating tips at www.fitpregnancy.com


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