Old Christmas stocking (to use as pattern)

Paper bag


Straight pins


Needle and thread

Small piece of felt

Matching yarn & Yarn needle


Place stocking on brown bag. Trace around, adding ¼” along all edges except top (opening) and cut out.

Place pattern on sweater so ribbed waistband is at top of stocking (it will become the cuff). Pin in place; cut out. Repeat, with top pointing in opposite direction.

Pin stocking pieces together, wrong sides facing out.

Sew together, starting below ribbed potion with a ¼’-wide seam allowance. Stop sewing when you reach the ribbed portion on the other side.

Turn stocking right-side out and press. Sew each side of ribbed cuff so stiches are hidden when cuff is folded over.

Make pom-pom: Wrap yarn around your hand many times until you have a thick loop. Gently slide loop off your hand. Pinch loop at center and wrap a 20’ piece of yarn around center tightly. Tie a knot leaving a long tail. Cut through loops at each end.

Fluff and shape into a ball, trimming to make it more even. Repeat to make a second pom-pom.

Attach pom-poms to stocking using yarn and yarn needle. Make a hanging loop by cutting a 6” x 1” strip of felt.

Fold the strip in half and sew to inside of cuff.

For more DIY christmas decorations visit:




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