Photo Fun

They’re great for an informal wedding, rehearsal dinner, or shower. Take photographs of the two of you holding signs with table numbers; you can use different poses for each number. 


Beachy Centerpiece

Arrangements of white roses and calla lilies are set off by candles nestled into sand-filled glass vessels


So I know her photo 1419101-1

Martini Glass Fun 

Buy yourself a large Martini glass and fill it with flowers, place little candles around the bottom to brighten up the centerpiece.  Another option would be to fill the glass with rocks or stones and put a candle on the top.



Mason Jar Photo 

Print out photographs in black and white to give them a vintage look and place them inside the jar.  You can add flower pedals, rocks, or sand to hold the photo down.  Having these as centerpieces or simply placed on your table will be great conversation starters for people sitting together who do not know one another.  They give everyone a chance to see you and your fiance grow and to see the love you both share.


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