Stop and Smell the Roses...

I didn’t even realize it was earth day until my own email sent out that I scheduled last week. This morning I watched my puppy Bailey chase around some flower peddles that had fallen off a blooming tree. How amazing it is to stop and appreciate the little things?

When was the last time you appreciated how pretty the sky is when the sun is about to set on your way home from work?
Have you ever watched flower peddles fall from a tree?
Stop and watch animals that are all around us appreciate the little things they see?
We live in a BEAUTIFUL WORLD! Let’s keep it beautiful and appreciate every day we are here!


In my email, I included how to be earth friendly in your kitchen –
– The amount of diesel or gasoline it takes to ship or fly crops around the world has a huge impact on our atmosphere. It’s been estimated that the non-local food in our markets travel, on average, 1,500 miles. Choose local foods, whenever possible. Check out your local farmers market and chose seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is also better for your health to try to eat some organic foods.
– Use cold water to rinse your produce.
– Low-cookers, pressure cookers and your microwave all use less energy than your stove and oven. During hotter months it doesn’t heat up your house and saves energy. On average, microwaves use from half to 1/5 the amount of energy as your range.
– Use dishtowels and cloth napkins instead of paper products. They’re more absorbent and prettier anyway.

How are you going to appreciate this beautiful world we are blessed to be in today?


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