Had to share my spring party look with my bloggers!

This past weekend we had a fun event with the Midland Park Public School Education families, they were so fun! I want to share with you my spring look that I showcased with their buffet dinner party for 175 guests.

I have a bunch of clear large cylinders laying around the office along with fake flowers that look more real than real flowers. I have more candles than a candle store and more rocks and stones than a craft store. So what is my Spring Look?

Items needed:

Clear Large Cylinder
Pond Stones
Real or Fake Flowers
Floating Candles

Step One:
Fill the bottom of your cylinder with pond stones.
Step Two:
Place stem of flowers inside the vase,
Step Three:
Fill vase just about to the top with water. Leave about 4 inches from top of vase.
Watch the flower spread and look absolutely gorgeous.
Step Four:
Place floating candles on top of water. I think three looks best in my size vase, but use your judgement. Light the candles.

You then have an elegant, classic, modern centerpiece for any food table, kitchen table or even living room table!

If you really want to be creative add some crunchy brown stuffing.

I will take a picture at my next event to show you MY LOOK, until then, take and share pictures of YOUR LOOK!


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