I love dressing up! I love dressing up myself, my family, friends and TABLES! Dressing up tables is the simple word for ‘tablescaping’ that we use in the business. You can dress up a table with anything. Most people dress up their tables at home with flowers and candles. Of course I use those basic ‘go-to’ tools in dressing my tables but I also use some other tools you may not think of! Levels can make any table turn into a piece of art! I get a lot of my levels from IKEA! The one shown in this picture is a basic IKEA shelf! I also use the individual pieces of this, wall shelves, DVD holders, frames and even book shelves! The reason for this is it creates dimensions and allows your eyes to appreciate everything about the table and the food and drinks you are about to enjoy! On this table I used a basic black linen and a black, silver and white runner for the center of the table. I placed the IKEA shelf in the middle and displayed the different beverages in the holes of the shelves. I had another level shelf on each other side and made it visually equal. Now this is my favorite part! This particular event was for SAKS OFF FIFTH! I found a roll of plastic pearls, much like a string of Christmas lights. I cut them up and placed them all around the buffet display. Little odds and ends can change a whole buffet. This theme was high fashion so the pearls were a perfect touch! What do you use to dress up?


– Black polyester linen
– Black, white and silver table runner
– 4 box IKEA Shelf
– Roll of Plastic Pearls

If it were darker in the room I would have placed a few battery operated votives around to create a sexier ambiance. Dark rooms and candles make any room sexier!

So there you go, a sexy way to dress up.. YOUR TABLE for your next party at home! 

English: Logo of Ikea.

English: Logo of Ikea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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