My nose just led me to the back of the PT kitchen. I have been sitting in the office smelling something AMAZING so I had to see what was going on back there! Bubble, bubble SO MUCH SAUCE!!! I don’t know how many of you know this but the whole PT experience started with Mamma Mia restaurant in Hackensack, NJ. Everyone LOVED Mamma Mia’s. I remember so many nights of my childhood spent there. Families LOVED Mamma Mia. As time went on, guests started to request catering and from there Mamma Mia evolved into Personal Touch Catering. Over the past 5 years Personal Touch has evolved into PT EVENTS, which is New York’s premier event and catering company. What began as Italian Sauce and cuisine has become an event company with menus for all cuisines, events ranging from 10-6,000 guests and a reputation for the best food, service and experience! What does this mean? What starts as a simple pot of sauce can boil and bubble into an amazing success beyond your wildest dreams! What are you dreaming? 


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