What’s your casual Friday go-to? Today I’m all about colored jeans and sparkly converse.
One great part about being an event planner is I can wear WHATEVER I WANT!
At meetings, events, and the office.. my job allows me to express myself! I love experimenting with new trends at events! Sometimes I totally rock it and sometimes I am a total “fash hole” as Joan Rivers would say! Either way, I am so happy I can express myself through clothing! The best compliment I ever received was at an event a little over a year and a half ago! I had just done the whole ‘ombre’ thing and had on a cream peplum dress! This really nicely dressed lady came up to me to compliment my style. I thanked her and went on with conversation. I then came to find out she is a fashion stylist in New York CIty! I can by no means say I am any sort of fashionista but my job allows me to be a eventista with my own style creating my own ‘trends’ in food, service and events! Happy Casual Friday to you all! Wishing you a Happy Weekend! Tomorrow I have some fun parties to go to with PT EVENTS! I will keep you posted on the great success’ that they will be!


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